the sensational pumpkin contest

Saturday October 10th.  Bissell Park

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere! 

On October 12th, 2019, it’s time to get ready to bring the family to Bissell Park.  

There will be pumpkin carving, pumpkin judging, pumpkin ice cream and other fun activities. And, as a very special treat for one and all, there will be a pumpkin carving demonstration by a professional carver.  Sensational Elora will provide pumpkins for carving or bring your own pumpkin already carved or decorated.  The results will be judged by the attendees.

There will be entertainment throughout the event including music, dancing, cheer leading, face painting, bouncy castle and a reptile display. 

This is a free family event.

Seed Distribution:   Once again, Sensational Elora will be distributing seeds for native pollinator plants through the schools throughout October.  Tiny pollinating insects are crucial to life on Earth. Bees, moths and butterflies are all needed to pollinate plants, including fruits and vegetables – a total of one-third of the food we eat. Pollinators ensure the reproductive success of plants and the survival of the wildlife that depend on those plants for food and shelter. However, pollinators are in decline due to pesticides, pollution, climate change and a loss of habitat and food sources. Sensational Elora would like to make a difference by encouraging the planting of native pollinator plants throughout Centre Wellington and educating elementary school students and other community members on the importance of taking action to protect pollinators. We feel that most yards can accommodate a small garden of these plants to attract pollinators and it gives us an opportunity to get the young students involved at an early age in supporting our environment. 

Planting Instructions:

For best results follow these instructions:

  1. Store seed in a cool dry place until needed.
  2. Choose a site with good exposure to sunlight.
  3. Prepare seeding area- remove weed, cultivate and amend soil as required, pack but avoid smoothing out the soil completely.
  4. Cover with ¼” topsoil or mulch, or harrow.
  5. Sow in the late fall or early spring, avoid summer planting.
  6. For the first year, ensure the area is kept well watered.


The seed mix, supplied by St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre is a combination of a number of species of wildflowers native to Southwestern Ontario:
Wild Columbine (5%), Spiked Blazing Star (20%), Nodding Wild Onion (20%), Ironweed (20%), Anise Hyssop (5%), Swamp Milkweed (16%), Upland White Aster (7%), and Slender Mountain Mint (7%).  

For more information call us at (519) 846-5638.

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