empty bowls and glasses project

Winner of the 2010 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence: Cultural/Art Award of Merit

Winner of the 2020 Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Community Social responsibility Award

Since 2008, we have raised over $140,000 for the fight against povery and hunger in Centre Wellingon.   Empty Bowls and Empty Glasses have been a major contributor to our success. The Empty glasses project has ended but there are still a few left and they will be on display, while quantities last, along with a large selection of new empty bowls each year  at the Sensational Soup-Off, Thanksgiving Monday, from 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. at Aboyne Hall in the Wellington County Museum and Archives: 536 Wellington Rd. 18, between Elora and Fergus.  These fabulous handcrafted Bowls and Glasses are available for the low price of $25.00.  All proceeds go to battle hunger in our community.


about empty bowls

Empty Bowls Project LogoEmpty Bowls events provide a means to raise both money and awareness about poverty and hunger in our communities. Volunteer local professional potters are the driving force behind these events, volunteering their time and energy to create soup bowls which are then exchanged for money in support of local charities.

Bowls will be available at the Sensational Soup Off to be held on Thanksgiving Monday, October 9th, 2023, at Aboyne Hall. When you arrive at the Soup Off you will have an opportunity to choose a bowl from a fabulous selection of handcrafted bowls which have been set aside specifically for this event.

The Sensational Soup Off promises to be a fabulous competition between professional and amateur chefs who will create memorable soups using local ingredients. Use your empty bowl to sample all of the soups and then cast your ballot for your favourites. At the end of the event, your bowl will be rinsed for you and your Empty Bowl is yours to take home.

Our 2022 bowl makers were:

Staci Barron,  Murray Fox, Tim Smith, Claudia Lambert and The Schoolhouse Collective.


about empty glasses

Empty Glasses ProjectUnique to Sensational Elora, the Elora Empty Glasses Project provided an opportunity for glass artists to give back to the community by creating glorious hand-blown and etched glass drinking vessels. The Empty Glasses Project has been cancelled but a small number of these glasses and goblets remain in inventory and will be available for purchase during Sensational Soup-Off.  Only a very limited number of these unique glasses remain so join us for Soup-Off to get your opportunity to buy one.

how your donations help

100% of the sale of these glasses and 100% of the sale of pottery soup bowls will be donated to local hunger-alleviating organizations like the Centre Wellington Food Bank and the Centre Wellington High School CW Eats program.  

This fundraising project is a perfect fit for the Thanksgiving season.  At a time when so many of us have an abundance of family, friends and food, there are those in our community who, at times, need a little help.  The Empty Bowls & Empty Glasses Project is one opportunity to share what we have with others.

Our glass artists were:

Julia Hillier, Andy Kuntz, Tara Marsh, Tim & Katherine McManus, Carol Nesbiyy, Andrea Ripley, Heather Wood, Tanya Zaryski,